separation of business-logic and presentation layers built on top of PHP4

SledgeHammer is a template engine for PHP.
It provides separation of business-logic and presentation in web-based applications.

Features of SledgeHammer:

  • Separates business-logic and presentation into two distinct files
  • Business-logic layer is implemented in PHP
  • No PHP knowledge is required in the presentation layer
  • Variable replacement, loops, conditional hide/show of blocks in presentation layer.
  • Caching of the compiled template code - template is not parsed on each page load.
  • Small size, quick and simple installation, easy to learn/use

    By using SledgeHammer:

  • Programmers and Web-designers are not get into each other's work (when different people are working on the two layers)
  • Dynamic content generation is completely hidden from the Web-designer
  • Updates in the presentation layer are easier to be done
  • More clear code in both layers