separation of business-logic and presentation layers built on top of PHP4



* Smaller filenames in cache files.

* Removed some bugs in the caching system.

* Added the option to disable verbose error reporting (useful when running an application
  in a real-world  server, rather than a development machine)


* Added "smart caching". Great improvement in page load times, especially when using
  multiple files in a template.

* Added the option to ignore any output from the application layer.

* Fixed a bug that was causing <LET> unable to assign string values to variables.


* Fixed a bug that was causing undesired results if <PASTE> was used after an <INCLUDE>.


* Added <COPY> and <PASTE>. This new feature allows you to repeat a block of code in
  other places inside your template without re-writing it.

* Fixed the bug of <REPEAT></UNTIL> loop that forced the loop to be executed as far
  as the expression was true (instead of false).

* Several bug fixes.


* File including implemented (at last!).

* Added the <LET> assignment statemnet

* Fixed a bug that was causing <for> parameters to be treated as integers.

* Fixed a bug that was preventing <case></case> blocks from being <REM>ed.

* Added the <DIM> tag which creates a new array.

* Allowed array elements to be used as lvalues.

* Added <WHILE></WHILE> loop.

* Added <REPEAT></UNTIL> loop.

* More detailed error reporting in php-layer.


* Allow the user to have the business-logic script located in directories other
  than the directory that the presentation templates are located. Thanks to "Argus"
  for this suggestion.


* Added caching of the compiled template code. Very fast page loads.


* Fixed a bug that was causing SledgeHammer to avoid testing any <case> blocks
  beyond a <case default>.

* Added support for having more than just one constant in each <case> tag.


* Fixed a bug that causing string constants to be treated as equal to 0 in
  expression comparisons, <SWITCH>, etc.

* Added check for step = 0 in <FOR> loops to avoid infinite loops

* Added string concatenation operator @

* Removed bogus bitwise OR and AND operator (|,&). Maybe these operators will be
  added in a future release if the bug is fixed.

* Added "remark" tags <//...> and <rem>...</rem>


* Initial release of SledgeHammer